An example check report can be found here.

If your model is not there, you can send an email to brokenscreens@ferrytelecom.com for more information.

Please follow our packaging instructions to properly package broken LCDs.
Packaging instructions

After the results are confirmed, we pay within 24 hours.

If you have less than 100 screens, you can ship the screens to us at your costs. If you have more than 100 screens, we can do a free pick up.

Only companies can send us broken LCDs.

Quality Definition of broken Screens
A grade:
No imperfections in LCD or backlight. This includes:
– No spots (dead pixels).
– No aging signs (red tint screen or yellow sided edges on screens).
– Light burn-ins.
– The touch function must work.

B grade:
Small imperfections in LCD or backlight. This includes:
– 1 to 2 spots (dead pixels).
– Slight age signs (red screen or yellow edges and screens).
– Light burn-ins.
– Light aging
– The touch function must work.

C grade:
More Imperfections in LCD or backlight.:
LCD that does work but has more than 1 imperfection.
Multiple dead pixels, usable water damage and pressure damage.
– Touch can be not functioning. (Some models are excepted. Those will be calculated at B grade)

D grade:
More serious imperfection in LCD or backlight.
Mostly this applies to some older Samsung screens, when the screen is ‘extremely red’ seeing the whole keyboard through the LCD light.
* In case you need any more information about our testing, please contact us at brokenscreens@ferrytelecom.com.